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Monica Echeverri current creative director and Carlos Laverde Sales Manager created SAHA Swimwear in 2006.

Always fascinated about fashion, SAHA was born under Monica’s vision. She started to create her own swimsuits designs according to her needs and ended up selling them to friends and acquaintances, identifying specific needs that were not satisfied by most brands in the complex Colombian market. Shortly after Monica and Carlos got their bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Industrial engineering respectively, they decided to legally establish MODAMAR SAS, and developed SAHA’s as a brand.

During this creative process, SAHA’s name was chosen because of its meaning, “an eastern expression which exalts beauty”. Working on this significance and the previously identified needs, they started developing SAHA based on life styles and concepts such as nature, yoga, meditation, health and romanticism; targeting a natural woman with real needs, searching for comfort and balance in details and design.

SAHA’s creative process continued with brand development under the exploration of contexts, where scenarios characterized by magic idealism would make each collection an adventure to strengthen and nourish constantly the SAHA woman's mind and spirit.

Then the brand premise was to translate all its designs to comfortable swimwear by applying it to unique silhouettes, functionality and perfect fit. Caring for women who want to show their natural beauty without being overshadowed by garments. This is why SAHA swimsuits are assembled with invisible seams and the best materials, offering comfort and versatility, attributes that are thought to satisfy a contemporary woman between the age of 25 and 35 years old.

Nowadays SAHA has become a sophisticated, well know international brand that gives women all over the world the possibility of being unique, while keeping the balance.

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saha saha saha saha saha saha

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